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Faculty of Divinity


Dr Daniel Weiss (Divinity) and Professor Napoleon Katsos (Linguistics) are celebrating news that their pilot work on God and Human Speech has been rewarded by a 26-month grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

The full project now has the title, God, Language and Diversity: Spiritual Flourishing in Neurodiverse and Multilingual Communities.

The project is led by Dr Joanna Leidenhag (University of Leeds) and the new grant is worth £1.56 million (supporting the core work and funding researchers in different institutions). 

The University of Cambridge will receive £219,000, the bulk of which is intended to fund postdoctoral researchers—a one-year post based in the Faculty of Divinity, and a two-year post in Linguistics. Funds also cover honoraria for research participants, supporting the experimental aspect. Weiss and Katsos also hope to attract additional funding, to enable a Cambridge conference on the topic. 

Weiss and Katsos look forward to developing this research, in dialogue with Dr Leidenhag and other co-investigators. The postdoctoral Research Associates will be appointed in due course.

Both the Cambridge leads are members of Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum. Weiss secured support from its Small Grant scheme during the development stage (additional funds for a half-day workshop in Cambridge). See