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Inspiring young people in care

Will Lyon Tupman, a third year undergraduate, leads a campaign to help those in foster care to reach their potential.

Will's film was made with Fixers, a charity that helps young people to campaign about issues they feel passionate about.

Will went into foster care after the death of his mother and says the support his carers gave him helped him to achieve his goals. He is now campaigning to help others get the same opportunities he did. Fixers arranged for him to tell his story on ITV News Anglia on April 6. 

Will says: 'There are all kinds of people at university, people from state schools, people from private schools. But the fact is there are very, very few people who've come from a foster care background and this is something we really need to address.

'I feel really lucky with the foster family that I have had and how they have encouraged me to realise my full potential and support me every step of the way on the road to Cambridge University.

'I think it's the responsibility and the duty of every foster family to encourage the children in their care. Every young person deserves the same chances.' 

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