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Faculty of Divinity

James Carleton Paget interviewed about the new film 'Mary Magdalene'.

Dr James Carleton Paget, the Faculty's Reader in Early Christianity and Ancient Judaism, was interviewed on March 4th by seventeen BBC local radio stations – from BBC Radio Cornwall to BBC Radio Newcastle – about his role as a script adviser for the new Universal Pictures' film 'Mary Magdalene'.

Dr Carleton Paget commented on the role of a biblical specialist in the production of a major motion picture, and also answered a variety of questions about the historical, cultural and theological issues raised by the film, from the evidence for the 'real' Mary Magdalene to the role of women in the earliest Christian communities. One of James’ interviews, for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Sunday Programme, can be heard here:  (at 2.10). The film will be released in UK cinemas on March 16th.