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Faculty of Divinity

Stanton Lecture 2017: Creation’s Ends: Teleology, Ethics and the Natural

Simon Oliver (Van Mildert Professor of Divinity, Durham University) will deliver the 2017 Stanton Lectures.

All lectures will take place on Thursdays at 4.00pm in the Runcie Room at the Faculty of Divinity. ALL WELCOME

  • Thursday 9th February: Creation and the Question of Teleology
  • Thursday 16th February: Aristotelian Explanations: Forms, Final Causes, Powers and Dispositions
  • Thursday 23rd February: CANCELLED/RESCHEDULED
  • Thursday 2nd March: Teleology and the Science of Explanation
  • Thursday 9th March: Consciousness, Intention and Final Causation
  • Thursday 16th March: The Teleology of Nature and Grace
  • Thursday 27th April: Christ the Alpha and Omega: A Teleology of Life