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Faculty of Divinity


Two further successes

First, Dr Joerg Haustein, with much work from Dr Chris Jones and Charity Green, have been granted money to host a two-day networking conference concerned with Buddhist identity in twenty-first century Asia. The conference will bring together scholars especially from the ‘the Global South'. Input was also provided by Drs Giles Waller and Ankur Barua.

Second, through FAMES, our Sanskrit teachers Dr Vincenzo Vergiani and Dr Jonathan Duquette along with our own Dr Ankur Barua,  have been granted money from the same source for an International workshop on Late Vedānta Philological Encounters between Western scholars and Indian pandits. This will involve meeting and discussion between Western researchers and local pandits (especially from South India, where the Vedānta tradition is particularly strong).

Congratulations to everyone involved.