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Video overview

This video introduces Krishna as an important deity in the Hindu understanding of divine reality. 

Curriculum links

This video is relevant to lessons about key beliefs and teachings of Hinduism and ideas about the nature of God and existence in Hinduism. It is widely relevant to Full and Short Course GCSE and A level exam boards covering Hinduism and the International Baccalaureate Diploma in World Religions. This video may also be suitable for advanced Key Stage 3 lessons on Hinduism as included in locally agreed syllabuses.

Suggested questions and activities

  • What is an Avatar?
  • Why does Krishna disappear in the dance?
  • Who are the Gopis?
  • Are the Gopis male or female?
  • What could it mean to compare dancing to the process of knowing God?
  • How can God be both ‘intimate’ and a ‘stranger’?
  • What does the story of this video say about a Hindu understanding of the divine reality?


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