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Faculty of Divinity


Anastasia joined the University of Cambridge in 2022 as a Research Associate in the Faculty of Divinity and Cambridge Interfaith Programme.  

Prior to Cambridge, Anastasia completed a postdoc at the University of Luxembourg. She holds a PhD in Educational Sciences from the University of Luxembourg, an MA in Anthropology from the University of Auckland, and a BA in Anthropology from Barnard College.  

Anastasia's interdisciplinary research ethnographically explores articulations of language and/as materiality in interreligous relations and encounters in Europe. Currently, Anastasia is pursuing three areas of research:

1) Relations between French and Hebrew in Jewish community life in the Low Countries (funded by an award from the Sylvia and Moshe Ettenberg Research Grant in Jewish Education and a fellowship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture)

2) The potential for object-oriented work and stop motion animation to create novel conditions for interreligious learning and exchange in classrooms settings (supported by a grant from the University of Cambridge AHRC Impact Acceleration Account) and, most recently,

3) The roles and meanings of water in religious lives in Cambridge (part of the Water in Faith and Diverse Communities Project funded by OfWat). 


Religious language and literacy; Material religion; Interreligious relations; Religious worlds; Jewish studies; Anthropology of religion


Key publications: 

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Badder, Anastasia & Sharon Avni. 2023. Jewish languages and American Jewishness. In Stephen Pihlaja & Helen Ringrow (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Language and Religion. London: Routledge. 

Badder, Anastasia. 2022. "I just want you to get into the flow of reading": Reframing Hebrew proficiency as an enactment of Liberal Jewishness. Language & Communication 87: 221-230.

Badder, Anastasia. In Publication. When a yarmulke stands for all Jews: Navigating shifting signs from synagogue to school in Luxembourg. Contemporary Jewry.

Badder, Anastasia & Sharon Avni. In Publication. The sanctity of decoding: Reframing Hebrew literacy in the US and Europe. Special Issue: The Learning of Sacred Languages, International Journal of Bilingualism.

Badder, Anastasia. 2023. Ethnographer as Learner, Ethnographer as Teacher: The Potentials and Pitfalls of Praxis in the Field. In Jürgen Erfurt, Ludovic Ibarrondo, & Timea Kadas Pickel (eds.) Linguistic Heterogeneity: Questions of Methodology, Analysis Tools, and Contextualization, pp. 65-86. Peter Lang Press.

Badder, Anastasia, Yimin Zhang, Mara Olmo, & Gabriele Budach. 2021. Living and learning in times of Corona: Experiences from a Master Program at Uni.Lu. The Ends of Humanities - Volume 2: Self and Society in the Corona Crisis. Melusina Press.

Teaching and Supervisions



A6 Understanding Contemporary Religion (University of Cambridge)

B9 Religious Encounter (University of Cambridge)

Religion, Language, and Media (MALMMC University of Luxembourg)


A6 Understanding Contemporary Religion

B9 Religious Encounter

B14 Modern Judaism: Thought, Culture, and History 

Research Associate - Faculty of Divinity and Cambridge Interfaith Programme

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