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Political theology
Negative theology
Christian formation and discipleship


I studied for my undergraduate degree in Russian and Italian at Jesus College, Cambridge, before going on to work in politics for several years. This work – as a parliamentary researcher and then in social policy – eventually led me to study theology, in order to think through more deeply the relationship between Christian faith and participation in political life. I began my graduate studies at King’s College London and went on to complete a PhD in political theology at Durham University. This research formed the basis of my monograph, Political Formation: Being Formed by the Spirit in Church and World (SCM Press, 2023). After a postdoctoral research fellowship with the University of Roehampton, I took up a post as Director of Studies at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. In September 2022, I became the Lecturer in Christian Ethics at Westcott House. Along the way I have also taught at the Lindisfarne College of Theology, the College of the Resurrection (Mirfield), King’s College London, and Sarum College.



My research interests bring together negative theology, political theology and theory, and ecclesiology. I have a particular interest in the ways individuals are formed by belonging to institutions (both ecclesial and more widely political), and in how, in turn, institutions can and should be formed. Lately, I have been reflecting on how theological resources might be fruitfully brought to bear on our contemporary political ills of polarisation and exclusion from civic life.


Key publications: 

Jenny Leith, Political Formation: Being Formed by the Spirit in Church and World (SCM Press, 2023)

'The place of civic belonging: the dangers and possibilities of Anglican territorial embeddedness', Religion, State and Society, January 2023 (DOI: 10.1080/09637494.2022.2154516)

Radical Democratic Discipleship: Encountering the Spirit in civic life’, Political Theology, December 2020 (DOI: 10.1080/1462317X.2020.1863037)

Teaching and Supervisions


I currently teach the following courses: 

  • BTh44 Christian Ethics
  • TMM2171/TMM3181 Christian Faith and Ethical Living (BA for CTF) 
  • TMM41420 Themes in Moral Theology (MA for CTF)
Research supervision: 

I currently supervise research students, at both master’s and doctoral level, working on Christian mysticism and political theology.

I am open to inquiries from students interested in research in any of the following areas: 

  • Political theology
  • Negative theology/mysticism
  • Christian formation and discipleship
  • Ecclesiology
  • Anglicanism
Lecturer in Christian Ethics, Westcott House
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