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Richard Davis is the Director of Contextual Theology and Director of the Centre for Faith in Public Life at Wesley House, Cambridge. He teaches and supervises in Christian ethics and contextual, political and public theology. Formerly a faculty member the Pacific Theological College in Fiji, he has published in Pacific theology and social ethics in the region.


Key publications: 

2000. ‘Towards a Christian Social Ecology’. Pacifica 13, no. 2: 181–201.

2009. ‘Love, Hate, and Kierkegaard’s Christian Politics of Indifference’. In Religious Anarchism: New Perspectives, edited by Alexandre J. M. E. Christoyannopoulos, 82–105. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2018a. ‘Domestic Violence in Oceania: The Sin of Disobedience and the Violence of Obedience’. In Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion: Christian Perspectives, edited by Caroline Blyth, Emily Colgan, and Katie B. Edwards, 143–58. Religion and Radicalism. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

2018b. ‘Jacques Ellul’. In The Palgrave Handbook of Radical Theology, edited by Christopher D. Rodkey and Jordan E. Miller, 187–202. Radical Theologies and Philosophies. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

2019. Making a Difference: Faith-Based Organisations Contributing to Social Change in Aotearoa. Faith-Based Leadership Working Papers Series 1. Dunedin: Centre for Theology and Public Issues, University of Otago.

2020a. ‘Can Theology Contribute to the Security of Women in the Pacific Household?’ In Mapping Security in the Pacific: A Focus on Context, Gender and Organisational Culture, edited by Sara Amin, Danielle Watson, and Christian Girard, 133–45. Routledge Studies in Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South. London: Routledge.

2020b. ‘Climate Justice and God’s Justice in the Pacific: Climate Change Adaptation and Martin Luther’. In Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Islands: Opportunities for Faith-Engaged Approaches, edited by Johannes M. Luetz and Patrick D. Nunn, 99–113. Climate Change Management Series. Springer Nature.

Davis, Richard A., and Marc Pohue. 2020. ‘French Polynesia’. In Christianity in Oceania, edited by Kenneth R. Ross, Katalina Tahaafe-Williams, Graham Joseph Hill, and Todd M. Johnson. Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press.

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity

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Director of Contextual Theology Director of the Centre for Faith in Public Life
Wesley House, Jesus Lane,
Cambridge, CB5 8BJ
Phone +44 1223 765891 Mobile +44 75061 59582
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