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History of Anglicanism: The Michaelmas Term Anglican Studies Module

Bishop Janani Luwum among the Twentieth Century Martyrs, Westminster AbbeyThe Michaelmas term module provides an introduction to the Anglican tradition by examining four crucial epochs in its history: the English Reformation, the seventeenth century crisis, when the Church of England was abolished and restored, the revivals of the nineteenth century, and the ecclesiastical dimension of twentieth-century processes of Decolonisation, leading to the emergence of global Anglicanism, or Anglicanisms, from the imperial or commonwealth diaspora of the Church of England.

Four classes cover the following themes:

  • Defining and Defending the Church of England: John Jewel and Thomas Stapleton
  • The Crucible of Anglicanism: Richard Baxter and Jeremy Taylor
  • The Age of Revivals: the Evangelical Revival and the Oxford Movement: Hannah More and John Keble
  • Decolonisation and the Emergence of Global Anglicanism: Samuel Azariah and Janani Luwum

Since modules can occasionally change from year to year, you may wish to speak to the coordinator of the Anglican Studies MPhil pathway, , for details of provision in the future.