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Theology of Anglicanism: The Lent Term Anglican Studies Module

Plaque at Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common, Clapham, LondonThe Lent term module in the Anglican Studies track of the MPhil turns to consider the self-understanding of the Church of England and the Anglican tradition. Each of the seminars this term will focus on one or two key figures who reflected in an explicit way on the nature of the Church in general, and of the Church of England or Anglican churches in particular.

  • Richard Hooker: between Rome and Geneva
  • William Wake: Anglicans and Gallicans
  • William Wilberforce and F.D. Maurice: the Nature of the Church
  • William Temple and Michael Ramsey: Church and Gospel in Modernity

Since modules can occasionally change from year to year, you may wish to speak to the coordinator of the Anglican Studies MPhil pathway, , for details of provision in the future.












Image: Title: Blue plaque erected in 1984 by Greater London Council at Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common. Creator: Spudgun67. Source: Licence: CC-BY-SA-4.0.