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Faculty of Divinity


Contemporary Religious Conflict: Ethnographic Approaches

MPhil Pathway in Religion and Conflict Lent Term Module

Module Coordinator 2021-2022: Professor Esra Özyürek


Yezidi Genocide Protest Washington


The module focuses on the intersecting roles of religion, culture, history, and power relations in shaping contemporary conflicts. Each of the meetings will be organized around a close reading of a full length monograph in addition to a documentary film or a novel. Most of the readings will have an anthropological approach and will focus on the relationship among the religious conflicts, wider framework around them, and individuals who actively participate in these struggles. The module aims to complicate our understanding of what a religious conflict is.      

The four sessions will focus on the following topics

1- Racism, empire, and the war on terror
2- Making of a genocide, focus on Bosnia
3- White Christian nationalism and the American far-right
4- Intersections of antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe