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Disputa del Sacramento (Rafael). Musei Vaticani. Source: Licence: Public Domain.


The Philosophy of Religion MPhil Pathway and Modules

The MPhil in Philosophy of Religion reflects the distinctive approach to this field which has developed at Cambridge over the past hundred years, as defined by an attention to metaphysical frameworks, questions of ontology, epistemology, and poetic form, and an interdisciplinary approach. This informs our concern to address current philosophical developments from a philosophico-theological perspective, and a commitment to bringing pre-modern sources to bear upon contemporary philosophical questions.

The MPhil in Philosophy of Religion is designed for students interested in metaphysics – the nature of (ultimate) reality and God within reality. It explores theoretical, historically contextualised and poetic-liturgical approaches to these questions, with close attention to primary sources and textual formsThe three modules which are available this year investigate, respectively, (1) nature (theology and the Anthropocene), (2) the meta-physical or spirit (including human spirit), and (3) spiritual additions to nature which constitute perceptions, gestures and events disclosive of the divine.


Gesture, Perception, Event Module Nature and the Divine Ideas Module Theology in the Anthropocene Module Atheism and Abrahamic Religion: Philosophical and Anthropological Approaches Module
Gesture, Perception, Event Nature and the Divine Ideas new mphil course

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Top: Title: Disputa del Sacramento (Rafael). Creator: Musei Vaticani. Source: Licence: Public Domain.