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Faculty of Divinity


Theories and Issues in the Study of Religion and Conflict

MPhil Pathway Religion and Conflict Michaelmas Term

Module Coordinator 2021-2022: Dr Justin Meggitt


 Monks at Asakura Temple in Tokyo 1936


The Michaelmas term module will begin by introducing students to the critical study of religion and conflict by scrutinising current theoretical debates about the place of religion in a variety of forms of conflict, from genocide to domestic abuse. It will then analyse a series of indicative and emblematic case studies that are scriptural, historical, and contemporary in character. These will involve looking in depth at the Book of Revelation, Christian-Muslim conflict over slaving in the early modern Mediterranean, and recent examples of religiously inspired terrorism. These case studies will be used to critically assess claims about how religion is implicated in conflict, and its  role in encouraging and legitimising violence, as well as enabling peace.

Four sessions will cover the following subjects:

1. Theories of Religion and Conflict

2. Scriptural Case Study: Book of Revelation

3. Historical Case Study: 'Barbary' Slaving in the Early Modern World

4. Contemporary Case Study: Terrorism