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Dr Andrew Davison

Dr Andrew Davison

Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences

Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology Corpus Christi College

Theology and Natural Sciences; Christian Doctrinal and Philosophical Theology

Andrew Davison is accepting applications for PhD students.


Dr Davison is the Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences. Before he moved into theology he was a scientist, and he holds undergraduate degrees and doctorates in both natural science (Merton College, Oxford) and theology (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge). Andrew has taught Christian doctrine at Westcott House, Cambridge and St Stephen's House, Oxford, and was junior chaplain of Merton College. He is a priest of the Church of England and served a curacy in South East London. In 2015 he was made a canon of St Albans Cathedral in the UK: the first 'canon philosopher' in the Church of England.

Research Interests

Dr Davison works at the intersection of theology, science and philosophy. During the 2016-17 academic year he is a fellow at the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey, on a NASA-sponsored programme to consider the implications for human society and self-understanding of life elsewhere in the universe. His work looks at the significance of such 'exobiology' for the main aspects of the Christian faith. Previous work has considered theological perspectives on finitude in Aquinas and Duns Scotus. A growing area of interest spans symbiosis in biology, and emergence and whole-part relationships in metaphysics. Alongside the book on astrobiology, his other principle project at present is to complete a survey of the 'metaphysics of participation' as a structuring principle in Christian theology.

Dr Davison is open to supervising doctoral research in Christian theology, as it bears upon the natural sciences, or other areas of interest.  

Key Publications


  • Blessing London: Canterbury Press, 2014.
  • Care for the Dying: A Practical and Pastoral Guide, with the physician Sioned Evans. London: Canterbury Press, 2014.
  • The Love of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy for Theologians. London: SCM Press, 2013
  • Why Sacraments? London: SPCK, 2013
  • For the Parish: A Critique of Fresh Expressions, with Alison Milbank. London: SCM Press, 2010. 

 Edited Volumes

  • Amazing Love. London: DLT, 2016.
  • Imaginative Apologetics: Theology, Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition. London: SCM Press, 2011. 

Andrew is also a regular contributor to Church Times and the Times Literary Supplement.

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:


Corpus Christi College:
Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology