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Faculty of Divinity

The New Testament and Early Christianity MPhil Pathway and Modules

The study of the New Testament involves a thorough knowledge of the twenty-seven books, which are its contents, and of the world out of which those books come, whether Jewish or Graeco-Roman, as well as a clear-sighted view of the history of its interpretation, knowledge of which raises significant questions about the reason for its study and the variant approaches to that study. In it most comprehensive form, then, New Testament studies will involve not only an acute historical sense but a broader hermeneutical perspective. Through the various courses it offers in this area, the MPhil at Cambridge engages with this  panoramic view of the discipline, as well as requiring detailed study of chosen texts.



Methods and Interpretations  Issues in the Study of Early Christianity
Acts and Epistles, Title page of the Epistle to the Galatians, Walters Manuscript W.533, fol. 216v Ignatius of Antioch, attrib. Johann Apakass (17th c., Pushkin Museum)