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Rev. Roger L. Revell

Rev. Roger L.  Revell

Theologies of Retrieval

Moral Theology

Contextual Theology


I moved to Cambridge to take up my studies in the fall of 2017. Prior to relocating to England, I served in parish ministry (ordained) for six years in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

After finishing a bachelor's degree in theology, I went on to complete an M.A. at Regent College. My studies were in the area of Christian doctrine, with supervision by Prof. Hans Boersma and Prof. Ross Hastings. Most recently, alongside my parish commitments, I completed a Th.M. (theology and ethics focus) under Prof. Richard Topping at the Vancouver School of Theology.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to write a PhD in the Divinity Faculty at Cambridge.

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

Becoming Who We Are: The Implications of a Reformation-era Doctrine of Sanctification for Contemporary Attitudes Towards Personal Development

Research Interests

Further research interests include:

- Protestant, Reformed theology and history

- Theology and psychology

- Doctrines of sanctification / spiritual formation

- The theology of Karl Barth

- Canonical hermeneutics 

- Theology of creation/fall in light of recent OT scholarship and scientific knowledge

- Theology of the crusades (a recent dabble)

Other Professional Activities

Karl Barth Society of North America

Calvin Studies Society

Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation

Augustine College

Key Publications

I have contributed book reviews and articles to a variety of publications, including ANVIL, CRUX, The Anglican Theological Review, and the International Bonhoeffer Society Bulletin.