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Arthur Keefer

Subject area and speciality

Old Testament specialists:

The Didactic Function of Proverbs 1–9 for the Interpretation of Proverbs 10-31

Research Interests

• The Old Testament and its ANE Context

• Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
• Moral Philosophy
• Hebrew Linguistics
• NT use of the OT
• Muslim-Christian Relations

Other Professional Activities

Recent Presentations

“Reform in Christianity and Islam.” L’Abri, Hampshire, England. June 2018

“Agricultural Imagery and the Acquisition of Wisdom.” European Association of Biblical Studies/International SBL, Berlin. August 2017

“How Should We Interpret the Hebrew Bible as Philosophy?” Young Scholars Workshop Symposium. Herzl Institute, Jerusalem. June 2017

“Sound Patterns as Motivation for Rare Words in Proverbs 1-9.” Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas. November 2016


Recent Teaching

Theology, Religion and Ethics. Eton College, 2017-.

Old Testament. Undergraduate Supervisor. University of Cambridge, 2015-17.

Bible and Theology. Instructor. Christian Heritage, 2015-17.

Elementary Hebrew. Vacation Term for Biblical Studies. University of Cambridge, 2015.

Philosophy. Oxbridge Academic Programs: Cambridge Tradition, 2015-16.

Key Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Meaning of Life in the Book of Ecclesiastes: Coherence, Purpose and Significance from a Psychological Perspective.” Harvard Theological Review (forthcoming)

“Sound Patterns as Motivation for Rare Words in Proverbs 1-9.” Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 43 (2017): 35-49

“A Shift in Perspective: The Intended Audience and a Coherent Reading of Proverbs 1:1-7.” Journal of Biblical Literature 136 (2017): 103-116

“A Phonic Explanation for Ḥŏḵmôṯ.” Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 128 (2016): 695-700

“Phonological Patterns in the Old Testament: A Century of Studies in Sound.” Currents in Biblical Research 15 (2016): 41-64

“Revising the Modern Moral Paradigm with the Book of Proverbs.” Religions 7, 79 (2016)

“The Use of Proverbs in Systematic Theology.” Biblical Theological Bulletin (2016): 35-44

Chapters and Contributions

“OT Context: The State of the Question in Recent Scholarship” in Methodology in the Use of the Old Testament in the New: Context and Criteria, ed. David Allen & Steve Smith, Library of New Testament Studies. London: Bloosmbury (expected 2018)

“The Family and Everyday Life” in The Biblical World, 2nd edition, ed. Katharine Dell. London: Routledge (2018)

“Orthodox Theological Criteria from 1 Peter for Women’s Ordination in the Church” in Deaconesses, Ordination of Women and Orthodox Theology, ed. Petros Vassiliadis (forthcoming)

Other Publications

“Faith matters as UK votes on whether to remain in the EU.” Religion News Service (23 June 2016)

“Covenantal Theism.” Le Monde diplomatique (25 November 2015)

“Could Charlie Hebdo have been prevented if France allowed religious instruction?” The Washington Post (2 June 2015)

Book Reviews: in The Journal of Theological StudiesReviews in Religion & TheologyTheologische LiteraturzeitungOld Testament Essays, and Theology.


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