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Tali Artman Partock first came to Cambridge as a post-doctoral researcher, after being awarded a Ph.D. in Rabbinic Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She held research and teaching fellowships at Cambridge, the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Open University, and the Simon Dubnow Institute, University of Leipzig, and taught at universities in Israel, UK, and the US.


Rabbinic literature, Midrash

Jewish-Christian relations in Late Antiquity

Religion and literature

Gender and sexuality in Judaism

Literary theory

Trauma and recovery

Folk literature


Key publications: 
  • The Tale Type of the Repenting Prostitute in Rabbinic Literature and Early Christianity, AJS Review 42:1 (2018): 1-20.
  • Laughing in face of Patriarchy: Genesis Rabbah 17, Melilah 13 (2019): 61-83.
  • Two Genders, Many Sexes- Intersex People from Rabbinic Perspective, co-authored with Moshe Lavee, in The Legal Status Of Intersex Persons eds. Jens M. ScherpeAnatol DuttaTobias Helms(Intersentia, 2018).
  •  The Jewish Myth of the Prostitute, co-authored with Ruth Kara-Ivanov Kaniel, in H. Herzog and E. Shadmi, Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking in Women: Israel’s Blood Money (London: Routledge, 2019): 125-146.
  • No (Jewish) Women in Hell: the Cairo Genizah and Fate of the Dead, in Z. Stampfer and A. Ashur, Language, Gender and Law in the Judaeo-Islamic Milieu (Leiden: Brill, 2020): 110-139
  • Newer Kinds of Jews: on Hasamba 3G, Jewish Film and New Media 3 (2015): 104-112.
  • Literary Event and Historical Narrative: Between Rabbis and Church Fathers, Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature 24 (2011): 23-54.

Teaching and Supervisions


Undergraduate modules:

B13 (Religion and literature), B14 (Modern Judaism), C8 (Rabbinic literature and Christianity)

MPhil: Law for the Gentiles?: Universalism and Ritual Purity in Judaism, Christianity and Islam 

Books, Readers and Interpreter
Teaching Associate in Judaism

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Early Judaism
Early Christianity


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