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Faculty of Divinity



Metaphysics and the doctrine of God, Analogy of being, Trinity, Creation, Theological aesthetics, Robert W. Jenson, Theology of place


Key publications: 

‘Divine simplicity and scripture: a theological reading of Exodus 3:14’, Scottish Journal of Theology (accepted; forthcoming).

‘Holy eating: a meditation on the sanctification of the body’, Didache: Faithful Teaching 19, no. 1 (Winter 2020).

‘Improvisations in thomistic metaphysics: reading Ferdinand Ulrich’, Reviews in Religion and Theology 27, no. 1(January 2020): 18–23.

‘Jesus, Trinity, and creation: divine simplicity, the “real” relation, and trinitarian economy in dialogue with Robert Jenson’, Pro Ecclesia 28:3 (August 2019): 233–52.

‘Reading art and hearing God: learning to read creation’, Princeton Theological Review 21:2 (Spring 2018): 51–59.

‘The ontic significance of God’s eschatological Word: Robert Jenson’s potential via media between impartation and imputation’, Wesleyan Theological Journal 52:1 (Spring 2017): 171–83.

 ‘Baptism and beatitude: taking time and partaking of the eternal’, Didache: Faithful Teaching 16:3 (Winter 2017).

 ‘The Trinity, social justice, and the missio Dei: a trinitarian construal of agency, treating social justice as paradigmatic of Christian action’, Didache: Faithful Teaching 13:1 (2013).

Other publications: 

Barrett, Jordan P., Divine Simplicity: A Biblical and Trinitarian Account, in Wesleyan Theological Journal 54, no. 2 (Fall 2019): 203–6.

Gordon, Joseph K. Divine Scripture in Human Understanding: A Systematic Theology of the Christian Bible, in Reviews in Religion and Theology 26, no. 4 (December 2019): 335–37.

Henry, James Daryn, The Freedom of God: A Study in the Pneumatology of Robert Jenson, in Reading Religion: A Publication of the American Academy of Religion (2019).

Bugyis, Eric and David Newheiser (eds.), Desire, Faith, and the Darkness of God: Essays in Honor of Denys Turner, in Reviews in Religion & Theology 26, no. 3 (July 2019): 395–97.

Simpson, Christopher Ben and Brendan Thomas Sammon (eds.), William Desmond and Contemporary Theology, in Reviews in Religion & Theology 26, no. 3 (July 2019): 497–500.

Review: Wright, Stephen John and Chris E. W. Green (eds.), The Promise of Robert W. Jenson’s Theology: Constructive Engagements, in The International Journal for Systematic Theology 20:3 (July 2018): 440–43. 

Review: Bruner, Michael Mears, A Subversive Gospel: Flannery O’Connor and the Reimagining of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth, in Reviews in Religion & Theology 25:3 (July 2018): 445–47.

Review: Schneider, Laurel and Stephen G. Ray (eds.), Awake to the Moment: An Introduction to Theology—The Workgroup on Constructive Theology, in Reviews in Religion & Theology 25:3 (July 2018): 554–56.

Review: Ruloff, C. P. (ed.), Christian Philosophy of Religion: Essays in Honor of Stephen T. Davis, in Reviews in Religion & Theology 25:2 (April 2018): 361–64.

Teaching and Supervisions


Undergraduate supervision for A5, A8, and B10.

Adjunct instructor of theology for Southern Nazarene University.

Guest lecturer in theology for Nazarene Theological College (Manchester).

 Jonathan M. Platter
Not available for consultancy




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