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Faculty of Divinity

New Testament; Greek


Dr Thompson is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and has lectured for the Cambridge Theological Federation since 1995. Prior to that he taught for seven years at St John’s College, Nottingham. In the Federation he teaches introductory classes on the New Testament and its Greek text, exegesis of Romans, 1 Corinthians and the Thessalonian letters, and Biblical Interpretation, as well as offering other occasional lectures. He has supervised and examined theses, often supervises for the Tripos and is a regular participant in the University of Cambridge Senior New Testament Seminar. For many years he led tours to the Holy Land.


The influence of Jesus on the Apostle Paul
New Testament exegesis
Paul and the Law
Paul's pastoral strategy


Key publications: 
  • ‘Paul and Jesus’ in R. Barry Matlock (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Pauline Studies (OUP, forthcoming).
  • Clothed with Christ: The Example and Teaching of Jesus in Romans 12.1-15.13 (JSOT Press, 1991; reprinted by Wipf and Stock, 2011).
  • ‘Paul in the Book of Acts: Differences and Distance’, Expository Times 122/9 (June 2011) 1-12.
  • The New Perspective on Paul. Revised ed. (Grove Books, 2010).
  • ‘Arianism: Is Jesus Christ divine and eternal or was he created?’ in Ben Quash and Michael Ward (eds.), Heresies and How to Avoid Them (SPCK, 2007) 15-23.
  • Transforming Grace. A Study of 2 Corinthians (Bible Reading Fellowship, 1998).
  • ‘The Holy Internet: Communication Between Churches in the First Christian Generation’ in R. J. Bauckham (ed.), The Gospels for All Christians (Eerdmans, 1998) 49-70.
  • A Vision for the Church. Studies in Early Christian Ecclesiology, co-edited with Markus Bockmuehl (T & T Clark, 1997); ‘Rom 12.1-2 and Paul’s Vision for Worship’, 121-132.
  • Articles ‘Tradition(s)’, ‘ Scandal’, ‘Teaching/Paraenesis’, and ‘The Weak and the Strong’ in R. P. Martin and G. F. Hawthorne (eds.) Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (Intervarsity Press, 1993).

Teaching and Supervisions



B4 The Letters of Paul (lectures, as required)
C1b Advanced New Testament Greek (classes, as required)


BTh3 Introduction to New Testament Greek
BTh11 Reading the Christian Bible
BTh24 New Testament Studies
BTh26 New Testament Exegesis 

Vice-Principal & Lecturer in New Testament, Ridley Hall
Dr Michael B. Thompson
Not available for consultancy


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