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Valentin Gerlier

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

Shakespeare and the Language of Grace

Research Interests

Poetry, Poetics and Sacred Speech: Especially Shakespeare - but also Blake, Shelley, Coleridge.

Philosophical Hermeneutics and Language: Paul Ricoeur, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Northrop Frye, Jean-Louis Chrétien, Martin Buber.

Plato's dialogues: in particular their mythic, poetic, religious and dramatic dimensions.

Neoplatonism and its relationship to Theology, in particular Eriugena and Nicholas of Cusa.


Other Professional Activities

Academic board, the Temenos Academy

Reviews editor for the Temenos Academy Review

Freelance lecturer and seminar leader: with lectures for the Shakespeare Summer Programme, University of Cambridge; Temenos Academy; Prince of Wales' School of Traditional Arts; William Blake Society; Canterbury Christchurch University; Rewley House, Oxford and others.


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