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Victor Uredo Emma-Adamah

Subject area and speciality

Philosophy of Religion specialists:

My research is titled:

Between manifestation and mystery: towards a metaphysics of mediation in French spiritualism. Félix Ravaission, Louis Lavelle and Maurice Blondel. 

The research thematises mediation and mediating movement as one of the determinative metaphysical centres of perspective for the tradition known as "French Spiritualism" (running from Maine de Biran, Félix Ravaisson, Henri Bergson through to Maurice Blondel, Louis Lavelle and  recognisably 'spiritualist' thinkers in the French tradition such as Simon Weil, Jacques Chevalier, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Claude Bruaire among others).

On one hand, the research has a history of philosophy/metaphysics interest in bringing to light and unpacking the insights of a rich philosophical tradition -- rich particularly for its vision of metaphysics as a never-completed task insofar as being, conceived essentially as the unfolding act, escapes every scheme of determination and is rather understood by the paradigm of manifestation and open possibility, with the "subject" always itself folded in within this unfolding of being.

On the other hand, within this vision, is the articulation of an original thought in French Spiritualism that concerns the mediation of 'ontological' incommensurables. The metaphysics of mediation it proposes is neither idealistic nor dialectical but is conceived as a "superior realism," which, in the religious thought of a Maurice Blondel, develops Leibniz's hypothesis of a vinculum substantiale (substantial union) into a full-blown Christology, by which Christ is the Mediator.


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