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Old Testament specialists

People specializing in this area

Graduate students

Bruno John Clifton, OP

The Obligations of Gift-exchange in Ancient Societies as Context for Selected Narratives in the Book of Judges

Olga Fabrikant-Burke

False Prophecy as a Scribal Construct in the Book of Jeremiah

Sophia R. C. Johnson

Conceptions of Covenant in the Early Israelite Monarchy

Srecko Koralija

PhD research topic: 'Lexemes and Inner-Syriac developments in the Peshitta of Genesis'

Wing Kwan Lau

The Exegetical Practice of Interpreting Mosaic Law in the Book of Ezra-Nehemiah as an Agent of Identity Formation

Nathan Lemaster

Homonymy and Polysemy in Biblical Hebrew Lexicography

Leila Mather

MPhil student in Old Testament

Simon McGuire

The argument in heaven: Unmerited and excessive suffering in the book of Job

Abigail Monkman

MPhil student in Old Testament

Rosalie Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh

Putting Tamar in her Place

Emma Pierce

MPhil student in Old Testament

Yanjing Qu

MPhil student in Old Testament

William A. Ross

Septuagint Lexicography and Language Change in Greek Judges

Kathelijne Steens

Ritualisation in Deuteronomistic Narratives of War

Belinda Ching Sueng Tan

Examining interconnectedness and hybridity in the story of the Ark of the Covenant when read alongside theories of material agency for the purpose of dialogue with ecocritical and ecotheological issues